Reks - 25th hour
Blame one - Days chasing days
Snowgoons Ft Mesidge, Gifted Glitch & Phaiz- Filthy drunx
R.A the rugged man - A star is born
Tonedeff - Porcelain
Hasan Salaam - Children of good
Cunninlynguists - Never come down
Kno Ft Shiesty Khrist - Graveyard
Ghettosocks - Dont turn around
Non Phixion - Black helicopters
Arsonists - Blaze
Kno - La petite mort
Pace one & Mr. Green - Can you hear me
Non phixion - Its us
Big L - Put it on
Eternia & Moss - Goodbye
Hasan Salaam - Children of god
Soul assasins Ft Evidence & Sick Jacken - Classics
Pace one Ft Mr. Green - Hip hop
Tyler the creator - Yonkers
Self scientific - Live n breath
Little Vic - Sister motphine
Cecar comanche - Hands high
Donnie Darko - Vintage
R.A the rugged man - Windows of the world
Ide & Dj Connect - Ideology
The left - The melody
Snak the ripper - Graffiti
Shylow - The greatest
Reks - This or that
Killah Priest Ft Chief kamachi - Closet
Nick Javas - Opportunity knocks
Blame one Ft Sean Price - Disturbed


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