Livets musik

Lord Lhus - Triple threat
Sabad red - The commitment
Mobb deep - Burn
Necro - Whos ya daddy
Snowgoons Ft Lord Lhus & Savage brothers - Who are you
Reef the lost cauze - Oxygen
Jedi mind tricks - Blood runs cold
Gang starr - Full clip
Cunninlynguists - Mic like a memory

Immortal technique - Dance with the devil
Mobb deep - Survival of the fittest
Vinnie Paz Ft Block Mccloud - End of days
Necro - Gory days
La coka nostra Ft Snoow dogg - Bang bang
R.A the rugged man - Lessons
Jus Allah - White nightmare
Diabolic Ft Immortal technique - Frontlines
Mos Def Ft Talib Kweli & Common - Respiration
Mobb deep - Shook ones
Big pun - Beware
Wutang clan - Gravel pit
Busta Rhymes - Gimme some mo
Reef The Lost Cauze Ft Sean Price - Im an american
La coka nostra - Choose your side
King syze Ft Vinnie Paz - And now
Jedi mind tricks - Heavenly divine
Ill Bill -
My uncle
Jedi mind tricks - Binary star
Army of the pharaohs - Tear it down
GZA - Forth chamber
Cunninlynguists - Old school
J Cole - Grown simba
Jay Z - Brooklyn go hard
Necro - Creepy crawl
Jedi mind tricks - Deathbed doctrine
Snowgoons Ft Wise intelligent - Teatchers trademark
R.A the rugged man - Chains
Dead prez -
Lauryn Hill - Lost ones
Snowgoons Ft Viro the virus - Starlight
Immortal technique - Harlem streets
Reef the lost cauze - The sounds of Philadephia
The firm - Phone tap
Psych ward Ft Lord Lhus - Slangbangas
Snowgoons Ft Outerspace - Git cha gully up
Mobb deep - Hell on earth
Snowgoons Ft Illin P - Charly says
Cunninlynguists - Lynguistics
Jedi mind tricks - Monlith
Snowgoons Ft Brainstorm, Jaysaun & Edo G - Raining
Big L - Lifestyles


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