La musica de mi corazon!

Lord Lhus Ft The savage brothers - The war
Snowgoons Ft Qualm, Darkskinned Assassin & Lord Lhus - I did everything
R.A the rugged man - 4 days in cali
Jus Allah - White nightmare
Reef The Lost Cauze Ft King Magnetic & Slaine - Suicide slang
Snak the ripper - The rap biz
Lord Lhus - Triple threat
La coka nostra - Im an american
Sicknature & Snowgoons - Dungeon Masters (5th Criminal)
Lord Lhus Ft Savage brothers - Been fighting devils
Immortal technique - The 4th branch
Mobb deep - Hell on earth
Jedi mind tricks - Blood runs cold
Necro - Creepy crawl
Cage - Among the sleep
Ill Bill - My uncle
La coka nostra - Choose your side
Snowgoons Ft Block Mccloud, Sabac Red & Lordwillin - Valley of death
Dead prez - Fuck the police
Big pun - Beware
Wu tang clan - Protect your neck

Cypress Hill - Insane in the brain
House of pain - Jump around
Sabac red - The commitment
Side effect - Serious
Reef the lost cauze - Two guns up
Mos Def Ft Talib Kweli & Common - Respiration
Diabolic Ft Immortal technique - Frontlines
King Syze Ft Vinnie Paz - And now
Cunninlynguists - Seasons
Army of the pharaohs - Tear it down
Nas - The message
Necro Ft Mr Hyde - Street veteran

Reef the lost cauze Ft Sean Price - Fair one
Snowgoons Ft Apathy - A.O.T.P
Scientific - Money remix
Wu tang clan - Gravel pit
Snowgoons Ft Viro the virus - Starlight
Vinnie Paz Ft Block Mccloud - End of days
Snowgoons Ft Defari, Maylay Sparks & Sondro Castro - Ride on
Immortal technique - Freedom of speech
Bloodline - Inhale the danger

Den här bilen tog jag när Reef the lost cauze uppträdde på Make the hood look good-festivalen i Swiss!


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